Convicting Serious and Violent Felons and Reducing Pre-Trial Delay

* Raised the overall felony conviction rate to over 90% in 2009, the highest in a decade.

* Maintained historically high conviction rates for serious & violent crimes since becoming DA.

* Increased prison sentences for Child Molesters and Rapists. 

* Increased convictions and prison sentences for violent gang offenders.

* Increased the number of felony trials by over 100%, clearing the backlog of cases in the courts, improving services to victims and reducing jail overcrowding.

CRIME PREVENTION - "Fraud Alerts" and Protecting the Elderly

* Established a "Fraud Alert" program designed to prevent crime and warn the community about scams and con-artists.

* Sponsors community outreach efforts to educate the community and prevent crime.

* Developed an Elder Protection Unit to prosecute criminals who target the elderly.

* Supported legislation to require mandated reporting of potential elder abuse.

Fighting for Victims' Rights

DAwithCopDistrict Attorney Jeff Reisig has made the fight for victims' rights a top priority.  By providing enhanced services to more crime victims than ever before and by consistently advocating for  victims' rights in the courtrooms of Yolo County and the halls of the State Capitol, District Attorney Reisig has helped lead the way in shifting the focus of the criminal justice system back to the victims.

As District Attorney, Reisig launched a pioneering campaign to advocate for victims' Constitutional rights to a speedy trial.  When unnecessary delays and courtroom continuances cause cases to languish in the criminal justice system, victims suffer.  As a call to action, District Attorney Reisig initiated the "Justice Finds No Solace in Delay" campaign to educate the community and remind the judiciary that victims have rights too, and they must never be overlooked.  As a result of this effort, the number of cases going to trial in a timely manner in Yolo County has increased by more than 100% over previous years.


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Reisig Protects Children


Locking Up Child Molesters and Rapists
checkmark Developed an aggressive prosecution team to focus on maximum punishment for sexual predators.
checkmark Obtained repeated "life sentences" for child molesters and rapists.
checkmark Designed Yolo County's first Child Sexual Predator Investigative Unit.


Guns, Gang Violence and Drug Dealers
checkmark Established a major crimes prosecution unit to target violent gangsters, career criminals and drug dealers.
checkmark Strengthened prosecutions of all gun crimes.
checkmark Targeted violent street gang with an innovative gang injunction to protect the community.